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Auto Submit for Approval Using Flow

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How to Submit Records automatically and Call Approval process using Flow. Please Follow these steps to call the Approval process and Record sent for approval.

1: Create an Approval Process.

  • Quick Find Box -> Search Approval Process -> Click Approval Process.
  • Select Object.
  • Click New Approval Process.
    • Click Use Standard Setup Wizard.
    • Enter Process Name
    • Enter a Unique Name.
    • Click Next
    • Specify Entry Criteria:
      • Status Equal Submitted.
    • Click Next
    • Select Fields to Display on Approval Page Layout
    • Click Next
    • Initial Submitter
      • Select Record Owner

Note**: Everyone Can add Email Alert, and Field Update according to your Requirements in the Initial Submitter Action, Final Approval Actions, or Final Rejected Actions.

2: Quick Find Box -> Search Flows -> Click on Flows.

  • Click the New Flow Button.
  • Flow Type: Record – Triggered Flow
  • Select Object.
  • Configure Trigger
    • Trigger the Flow When:
      • When Record is Created
  • Set Entry Conditions:
    • Condition Requirements
      1. Status__c : Submitted
  • Click Save.

3: Click the (+) Icon.

4: Click Action.

  • Search Submit for Approval in Action Name.
  • Label Name – Auto Submit for Approval
  • API Name – Auto_Submit_for_Approval
  • Record Id: {!$Record.Id}
  • Click Done.
  • Click Save.
    • Label:
    • API Name :
  • Click Activate.


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