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Automating Digital Documents for Enterprises

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Digital documents can simply refer to the electronic version of traditional paper documents, such as contracts, reports, or invoices. Nowadays, the term also refers to documents that can be created, stored, and accessed in various formats like PDFs, Word documents, or spreadsheets. Digital documents can be created and edited more easily, shared faster, and searched more efficiently than paper documents.

Enterprise document automation goes beyond the storage of documents and involves the automatic generation, management, review, approval, and distribution of documents. Technology (even artificial intelligence and machine learning) and software are used to streamline document-related processes in an organization and to automate repetitive tasks, saving a company time and improving efficiency and productivity.

From Paper to Digital: The Shift in Enterprise Document Management

Technological advancements, cost savings, improved efficiency, and the need for better security and compliance have gradually driven the shift from paper-based management to enterprise document management. This pivotal change was due to several factors, such as the following:

  • Computers became more affordable and accessible, and organizations could explore digital alternatives to store, manage, and retrieve documents. 
  • As the cost of paper, printing, and physical storage space increased, digital solutions became increasingly more attractive. 
  • Dedicated online document-management systems gave these organizations the tools to effectively store, organize, and access digital documents in a centralized storage hub.
  • The development of cloud storage solutions provides secure and remote access to digital documents, and access from any internet-enabled device means that collaboration can be done anywhere in the world.
  • Companies and organizations have become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of paper production and waste management and have therefore embraced online document management systems.
  • Digital document management systems inherently offer better security features to protect information, like access control and encryption. 

These are just some of the factors that have led to improved document processing and retrieval as well as increased productivity and efficiency. Enhanced security and improved compliance have transformed the way companies do digital document management.

Digital Document Management System with Salesforce and Titan

With Titan’s suite of products, such as Titan Web, Titan Docs, and Titan Sign for Salesforce, you can effectively do enterprise document management. 

Let’s break it down:

Titan Web offers the following:

  • Titan Web can be used to create forms and landing pages where customers and prospects can directly capture data, automatically storing the information in Salesforce in real-time. 
  • Interactive web pages with tables, charts, and widgets can be embedded within Salesforce records and can populate documents in Titan Docs.
  • You can create dynamic web portals where users can access and share documents.

With Titan Docs, you can do the following:

  • Titan Docs is an excellent tool for personalized digital document automation using data from Salesforce and Titan Web. 
  • It helps you to create dynamic documents, such as proposals, contracts, and invoices directly within Salesforce. 
  • You can easily use pre-defined templates, merge documents, and dynamically generate content that can be stored and managed in Salesforce.

Titan Sign has the following functionalities:

  • Titan Sign can significantly improve branded document generation, management, and signing processes within an organization.
  • You can create dynamic and responsive documents, which can be signed and distributed in minutes, directly in Salesforce. 
  • This no-code e-signature solution for Salesforce offers bulk signing and is 100% secure and compliant with leading frameworks such as HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO, and GDPR. 

All the Titan products have conditional logic functionalities to create intelligent documents. These documents can adapt to the specific conditions and can include dynamic content synced to and from Salesforce. You can add signature elements to obtain legally binding electronic signatures on your automatically generated documents in any of the Titan tools. Tracking and auditing can be done in both the Titan platform and Salesforce, ensuring transparency and accountability. 

Document Automation Software for Salesforce Digital Documents Solutions

Titan’s digital document solutions, including Titan Web, Titan Sign, and Titan Docs, dramatically improve Salesforce document management.   

Streamline Salesforce Documentation Processes with One-Click Solutions

The Titan suite provides a powerful no-code platform for Salesforce with which users can create custom documents, forms, e-signatures, and websites with enterprise file management. It has been designed to integrate seamlessly with bi-directional Salesforce data. You can create, automate, and interact with dynamic documents without writing a single line of code.

Accelerate Document Handling with Automated Workflows

With Titan, you can automate complex document workflows and track the progress of signed documents – with multiple formats – directly in Salesforce. You can set up automated Salesforce workflows that can be triggered by form submissions, initiating automatic document generation. Conditional rules let you automatically route documents for review, comments, approval, and signatures based on specific criteria. Batch processing – generating and sending multiple documents for signature in bulk – saves time and effort.

Ensure Compliance and Visibility with Automated Archiving

Changes made to documents can be tracked with version control, and a complete audit trail is maintained for compliance purposes.  All the Titan products offer several security features, such as access control with smart login and single sign-on portals. These features will enable your organization to comply with regulatory requirements, securely manage documents, and ensure visibility into document workflows and processes.

With Titan, you can trigger document actions (such as automated archiving) based on specific events within Salesforce processes.

Titan: No-Code Enterprise Document Management Software

Switch to Titan for Salesforce and save immediately on paper consumption, printing costs, and storage expenses while enhancing your customers’ experience at the same time.

These Titan-Salesforce integrations offer businesses document-management software that can enhance document-related workflows, such as generating, storing, and signing documents, all within the Salesforce platform, thereby improving efficiency and compliance. You can manage all your documents and processes with a single platform where team members and other stakeholders can collaborate conveniently and effectively. 

Additionally, Titan Forms and Titan CLM further complement the document management capabilities within Salesforce, offering form creation, contract lifecycle management, and more. 

Titan Files for Salesforce Flow empowers you to streamline processes and enhance user flexibility, allowing customers to view, create, and modify files from within Salesforce

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