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How to Integrate DocuSign with Salesforce

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How to Integrate DocuSign with Salesforce?

Step 1: Log in to salesforce account login.Salesforce.com.

Step 2: Install DocuSign Package in developer org.

Quick Find Box -> Search App Exchange Marketplace -> Search DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce.

Step 3: Select Installation org.

Step 4: Select the Users for installation of this package in org.

and If you want to install this package for specific profiles then please select profiles to install this package.

Step 5: Click Install.

Step 6: Once the Installation is done your page is redirecting to the salesforce org.

Step 7: Go to App Launcher -> click DocuSign App Launcher App

Step 8: After opening the DocuSign App firstly log in with your DocuSign Account.

Step 9: Click Log in to DocuSign.

If you don't have an account on DocuSign, then you need to sign up on DocuSign.

Step 10: You need to Configure for use DocuSign with Salesforce.

Step 11: Click the Configure Button on the eSignature tab.

Click the Create Template Button to create a template for use.

click the Dropdown and click the Edit button.

In the Documents Tab add the document to send sign.

In the Recipients Tab Add the users to whom you want to send the document for signature.

Once you click the Add Recipients Button the pop-up window opens.

after adding users click the Add Button.

If you want to add more users, then click Add & New Button.

After moving the Place Fields tab, Redirect to this page.

Add fields in the template like this:

Click the SAVE AND CLOSE Button.

Click on the Options Tab.

  • Reminders - In this tab, we can select the expiry date after how many days the document will expire.
  • Expiration - In this tab, we can also select the reminder when we have to send the reminder.
  • Document Writeback - Select this checkbox if you want to keep a copy of the document as well as the certification of completion document in your Salesforce record.
  • Field Updates - If you have to update any field after signing the document, then you can add the field to the field update.

After clicking on the custom button, you can select which page layout you want to add the button.

Click Save and Finish.

Step 12: After opening the Contact record, click on the Send with DocuSign button in the Dropdown menu.

  • In the Documents Tab, Select the Template after clicking the Select Template Button.
  • In the Recipients Tab, If you have added users to the recipients when you did the DocuSign configuration then there is no need to add users.
  • And if users are not added then you can add users from here and you can also set expiry dates and reminders for signatures in documents.
  • After clicking on the prepare & send button, you can see the template that we configured earlier.
  • Click Send.

Step 13: Once the document is signed, you can see its record in the notes and attachments of the related list of that particular contact record.

You can see the related list of notes and attachments on your signed document.


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