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Integrate Salesforce CLI with Visual Studio code || Salesforce CLI Integration

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what is Salesforce CLI?

Salesforce CLI is a command-line interface that simplifies development and builds automation when working together with your Salesforce org. Use it to form and manages sandboxes environment, synchronize source to and from your sandboxes environment, create and installs packages, and more.

Need to install two extensions in your visual studio code like that :

Salesforce CLI Integration

Salesforce Extension Pack

After that download SFDX CLI on local machine like that :

  1. If you are using Ubuntu then please download CLI using this link :

Salesforce CLI For Ubuntu

Extract this tar file and open the folder in the terminal and write ./install then the CLI is installed.

2. If you are using Windows then please download CLI using this link :

Salesforce CLI For Windows

Select the CLI version according to your system requirement and then download and install it.

And After Install the SFDX CLI we need to check the sfdx version in our system using this command in Windows or Ubuntu OS :

sfdx version

After That Create a New Project With Manifest using this command:

Step 1 :ctrl+shift + p then enter

Step 2: Enter the standard project

Step 3:Enter the project name here

and then save it.

Again, ctrl + shift + p

if you are login your production org then enter the production link.

if you are login on your sandbox org then enter the sandbox link.

To deploy your code from vs code to your sandbox org or your development org using Deploy Source To Org like that:

For deploying your code from sandbox org or your development org to your vs code using Retrieve Source from Org like that:

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