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Extract Valuable Data with Salesforce OCR

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Revolutionize the way you handle and utilize your documents with OCR in Salesforce. Optical Character Recognition will enhance your data management and streamline business processes. 

Capturing data using automation methods means less room for error. Many a Salesforce admin has reported issues with incomplete or incorrect data.


Issues often creep in when it comes to manual data capture due to human error. Capturing lead data is often the last task on the to-do list after attending a meeting or conference meaning that users are not 100% focused on double-checking each detail. By choosing to leverage OCR integration and text recognition capabilities, you can automatically extract data from documents and save it to your Salesforce CRM. 


This means that you are never missing important information again, all important lead information will be captured accurately and fully. OCR will not only make the data capture process a breeze but can also ensure the integrity of your data in the long term. 

What is Optical Character Recognition?

Let’s break down what Optical Character Recognition technology is. What OCR does is convert different document types such as PDFs, scanned paper documents, or digital camera images into editable and searchable data. The characters contained in the document are translated into machine-encoded text, allowing it to be edited, searched, and stored efficiently. This is a valuable process when it comes to capturing CRM data as physical and PDF documents are now data resources you can use to build your database. 


Here are some key functions of OCR: 

  • Text Extraction – OCR software will automatically identify and extract text from documents and images. This makes it possible for handwritten documents and printed text to be digitized. 

  • Text Recognition – Any character, word, or even a sentence in some cases will be converted into a format that computers can process. 

  • Data Conversion – Your physical and handwritten documents can be converted into digital formats so you can manipulate the data and store it in your CRM database. 

We’ve provided a general breakdown of how OCR works: 

  1. First, you will need to start with the image capture of your document. If you are using a physical document, you can use a scanner or a digital camera. 

  2. The document undergoes preprocessing where the image is cleaned up. By going through noise reduction, correcting any tilt in the image, or even converting the image to black and white, the data extraction is more accurate. 

  3. The software will detect the areas of the document that contain text and distinguish them from the areas that do not contain text. 

  4. The identified text will be analyzed. The shape of the character will be matched to known patterns using the algorithm. 

  5. Error fixes will be applied based on grammar rules or dictionaries. 


Benefits that OCR can offer your business: 

  • Physical documents are converted into searchable forms, making finding information easy. 

  • Reduce the need to store physical documents and streamline your document management processes. 

  • By eliminating the need for manual data entry, you can save time and reduce errors. 

  • Improve your overall data accuracy by minimizing errors. 

Not sure about how you can implement OCR in your business? Here are some application examples: 

  • You can extract information from your forms, invoices, receipts, and business cards to automate your data entry process. 

  • You can digitize books, articles, and other printed media to make them accessible online. 

  • Make your scanned documents and images searchable which improves data retrieval. 

  • Improve accessibility by converting printed text into speech formats. 

Extract Valuable Data with Titan Files

Titan Files for Salesforce Flow is your new favorite tool to streamline processes and enhance user flexibility. Using Titan OCR for Salesforce you can turn any document into a valuable data asset. This powerful OCR scanning software transforms your documents in minutes and saves the extracted data directly to your Salesforce. If your business is looking for an OCR Salesforce solution, then Titan is the tool you need. 

Push Valuable Data to Salesforce Records in Real Time

Titan is fully integrated with Salesforce, allowing you to save extracted data to your CRM instantly. Waiting around for your data to reflect in Salesforce before you can get started is frustrating. Your data is synced instantly so you can start following up on leads, building relationships, and making data-driven decisions. 

Einstein OCR for Structured Data Extraction from Invoices 

You can choose to go with Salesforce Einstein OCR which is Salesforce’s native solution. You can implement it to extract data from your invoices to streamline the data entry process. Important invoice information including number, date, due date, order number, amount, tax, and amount due can be captured into your CRM database. Titan’s OCR in Titan Files can also be used to process your invoices and you can save any captured text directly to your Salesforce records. Titan Files offers you the freedom to choose which record your information is saved to, giving you total control of the data process. 

Extract Information from Uploaded Documents

Finding information in documents and manually typing it into your CRM is a time-consuming task. Not only does it introduce errors into your database but it also takes team members away from more important strategic tasks. You can set up a workflow to trigger when you upload any document so data is automatically extracted and pushed to your Salesforce without the need for any manual intervention. Flows can be configured per document type so you can rest assured that your processes are tailored for each document you work with. 

Titan: Best OCR Software for Data Entry

Minimize the time you spend on manual tasks by investing in OCR recognition software. Titan is a no-code Salesforce platform that offers OCR technology software to extract data from your images and push it to your Salesforce records in real time. Save time on administrative tasks and spend more time on building relationships and closing deals by choosing this solution. For more information, visit the Salesforce AppExchange.


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Extract Valuable Data with Salesforce OCR

Revolutionize the way you handle and utilize your documents with OCR in Salesforce. Optical Character Recognition will enhance your data management and streamline business processes.