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How to Register for the Salesforce Exam

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Are you looking to validate your expertise in the world of Salesforce? Salesforce certification exams provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase your skills and advance your career. Whether you’re aiming to become a Salesforce Administrator or a Platform Developer, there’s a certification path tailored to your aspirations. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of registering for a Salesforce certification exam, helping you kickstart your journey toward success.

Step 1: How to create a Webaccessor Account

1.1 Open this https://www.webassessor.com/salesforce

1.2 Click Create a new Webassessor™ login now.

** Fill in all the details carefully like:

1.3 Click Save.

Step 2: Login into Webaccessor Account

2.1 open https://www.webassessor.com/

2.2 Enter your username and password to access webaccessor account.

2.3 Click Login.

Step 3: How to Register For an Salesforce Exam

3.1 Click on the Register For An Exam Tab.

3.2 Click on the Certification Name which one you want to register for an exam.

3.3 Click on the Particular Exam Name.

Now, we can give the exam in three ways

  1. Online Proctored: Online proctoring involves monitoring and supervising test-takers remotely while they take an exam. This is typically done through a combination of webcam and microphone monitoring, screen sharing, and AI algorithms that flag potential cheating behaviors, such as looking away from the screen or accessing unauthorized materials. Online proctoring allows test-takers to complete exams from their own locations, such as their homes, using their personal computers. This method offers flexibility and convenience but relies heavily on technology to maintain security.
  2. Onsite Proctored: Onsite proctoring takes place at a physical testing center or designated location. Test-takers need to visit the testing center in person to take their exams. There, they are monitored by human proctors who ensure that all test-takers follow the rules and guidelines of the exam. Onsite proctoring provides a high level of supervision and security, as proctors can directly observe test-takers and prevent any attempts at cheating. This method is often used for high-stakes exams and certifications.
  3. Event Proctored: Event proctoring refers to the monitoring of exams that occur during a specific event, such as a conference, workshop, or seminar. This type of proctoring might involve a combination of onsite and online monitoring, depending on the event’s format. For example, if a conference offers certification exams, attendees might take these exams in a designated area within the event venue, with onsite proctors ensuring the integrity of the assessment. On the other hand, if remote participants are taking exams as part of a virtual event, online proctoring methods might be employed to maintain fairness.

Test takers can click on the Register button next to whatever proctoring method they want to give the exam.

3.4 Click on the Register Button.

3.5 Now the test taker can select the date and time according to him on which date and time he has to take the exam.

3.6 Select Checkbox.

3.7 Click Select.

  • If the test taker has a voucher then first enter the voucher code in the Coupon/Voucher Code box and whatever the amount will be after applying the voucher, it will be shown in the total price.
    • Click on the submit button.
    • Click on the check out button.
  • And if there is no voucher code then click on the direct check out button.

3.8 Please remember these things:

  • Use a Credit/Debit Card to make payment
  • Enable the international Payment of the Respective Bank account.

3.9 Now, Enter the Payment details to complete the Exam Registration.

3.10 Once the payment is done, you will receive the mail on the Email ID.

Step 4: How to Rescheduled your Salesforce Exam

4.1 Open https://www.webassessor.com/

4.2 Click the My Assessment Tab.

4.3 Click on the Reschedule/Cancel Button.

4.4 Click the Reschedule Button.

4.5 Select the Date and Time according to your choice or preference.

4.6 Select Checkbox.

4.7 Click Select.

Step 5: How to Cancel your Salesforce Exam

5.1 Open https://www.webassessor.com/

5.2 Click the My Assessment Tab.

5.3 Click on the Reschedule/Cancel Button.

5.4 Click the Cancel Registration Button.


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