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Making A Comeback After a Break! Choose Salesforce

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Dedicated to Women who have decided to make a comeback!! Cheers to you!

How can you overcome thinking and start taking Action in that direction?

  • First of all I would like to take a moment to congratulate you, Congratulations! You are already one step forward in your journey if you are reading this.
  • Deciding to start a career after a gap/break must be an arduous decision. 
  • The reason can be different for everyone. It can be having a family priority at that moment/ change of city/country after marriage/ having kids/ waiting for the right time. (Even If you don’t find your reason mentioned here, don’t stop reading, you’ll definitely find something helpful for you.)
  • Restarting or Beginning a career Journey after a break in Salesforce is exciting but can also be intimidating at the same time, As Salesforce is so vast and ever-evolving.
  • The Salesforce Ecosystem is so large, and the platform is so customizable, beginners or rejoiners can often find themselves questioning their moves at every turn. I felt this myself when I started my journey, but I’m here to share some tips to overcome the fears you might face in those beginning months of your journey in Salesforce. 

Before Starting on Tips I am going to share about my Salesforce Journey, and how it started.

How did my Salesforce journey begin?

My Salesforce Journey began in Jan 2022 after a career break of 15 years. I got introduced to Salesforce through my friends who have been working in the ecosystem for more than 16 years. I started with basic trails and loved learning each day. I also got the opportunity to attend a few community events in-person which I am grateful for as attending these sessions gave me a more clear vision for my journey with Salesforce. 

Here, I want to share my personal experience on how to overcome anxiety and wretchedness that can happen to anyone coming after a period/Break.

What Exactly should I start with?

If that sounds like you, then joining the Salesforce ecosystem might be the right career move. Here’s why: Salesforce is one of the fastest-growing technologies and will only keep growing. So, if you’re looking for a field with lots of growth opportunities, a Salesforce ecosystem with a variety of roles is a great choice.

Just getting started with Trailhead. First, search for topics that interest you. Figure out what type of career in the Salesforce ecosystem aligns with your interests. It’s easy and fun to learn when you’re engrossed with a topic. Interestingly, Trailhead has no undersupply of education on sales, marketing, coding, soft skills, non-profit, service and so much more. I always preferred the Administration and management lessons, So a Salesforce Administrator role is a great choice for me to start.  You can also follow the trail and learn more about how to Build Your Career in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

What is a Salesforce Administrator?

As a Salesforce Admin, you’ll be expected to solve everyday business problems, of course. They work closely with users to ensure the system’s configuration is effective and efficient based on the ever-changing needs of the business. However, know that with each day you spend building those incremental learning blocks, you’re one step closer to becoming a professional.  

The beautiful thing about being a Salesforce Admin is that you get the creative range to solve issues since you know the platform more thoroughly than your end users. For example, let’s say someone from your sales team requests a new field on the Lead object. The question here is, is there a value that could exist to fulfill this need already? And does this value need to also exist on the Contact object while Lead gets converted? What about the Opportunity object? What is the best field type to capture this information moving forward? These are the types of questions that we, as admins, may already be asking, but we can also expand on them in different ways for the benefit of our end users.

If you are also interested in the Administrator role as myself these skill sets can help you accelerate your journey.

Finding a mentor

It is very important to have a guide or mentor, though Salesforce offers an incredible amount of resources to help anyone learn and utilize product features.

But there are times when you can get a bump between two choices with almost the same benefits and priorities. For these scenarios — and so much more — it’s commentating to have a mentor.

Salesforce offers great programs to match mentors and mentees.

 I happened to find my (unofficial) mentor in my friend, Smita Pandey (working in the ecosystem for more than 16 years). We don’t follow a particular structure, but whenever I’m faced with a unique challenge or learning hitch moment, I turn to her and she accelerates my Salesforce journey.

Attend Trailblazer Community Events Virtual or In-Person

Attending community events and group meetings double as a way to learn more about Salesforce solutions and network with other Salesforce professionals. It certainly accelerated my experience with the Salesforce platform. Find a group close to home


Getting certified not only helps you stand out in future job applications but can also help you in your current role. Preparing for my Salesforce Certification exams helped me grow my knowledge of Salesforce faster than what I could achieve in my day-to-day role through projects. For admin certification track this trail on Trailhead.

Securing your first employment

When seeking a job in the Salesforce ecosystem, really look for a position that speaks to you and will foster your growth.

Consider your level of experience with Salesforce. If you’re just starting out, you may want to look for a role that will help you learn and grow with the platform.

Salesforce releases three major updates every year. That’s a lot of information to prepare for, learn, and implement in just a few months.

Keep these things in mind as you begin your search for the perfect Salesforce job, and you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your skills and experience. 

Do a few things to prepare for your interviews. First, take some time to familiarise yourself with the Salesforce Platform and technology. Look up tutorials online, read articles and blog posts, and try out some features yourself.

Finally, be prepared to talk about your motivations for wanting to work with Salesforce. Be ready to discuss your understanding of the platform’s benefits and what it can do for businesses.

By doing this prep work, you’ll increase your chances of impressing potential employers and landing the Salesforce job you want.


By familiarizing yourself with the Salesforce Platform, networking with other Trailblazers, and staying positive, you’ll be on your way to success in your career.

I hope reading this blog helped you and if you have any queries or concerns or are looking for any help let me know in the comments section.

Stay tuned, there are many more to come! Follow me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. So you won’t miss out on all future articles.

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